Quicken®CLP - Tactical Diamond Coating™ - DoD Approved
MIL-PRF-63460E    The ONLY weapons approved diamond coating in the US military & NATO.
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THE Paradigm Shift in Lubrication™
MIL-PRF-63460E amd3  
 When Only the BEST will do!
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 QPL listing the ONLY, Tactical Diamond Coating
The most expensive yet cost effective CLP available. Concentrated, compact and slippery, our $30.00 3ml bottle replaces a quart of the old CLP. This is only possible with a revolutionary material called Spherical NanoDiamond that comes exclusively from the lab of Christopher Arnold\ its inventor. Best applied to a clean weapons moving parts, friction drives the novel nanomaterial into the contact surfaces with each cycle - preventing metal on metal contact. After several applications, dust, dirt and firing residue will not stick to friction surfaces, providing easy to clean surfaces. Quicken®CLP can also be rubbed into outer surfaces whereby the nanomaterial can provide a long lasting protective coating
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